Schedule of Activities September 20, 2009 for
MoonGate's Basics of Qigong Seminar



We start with the guiding structure of almost all Qigong exercises, controlling the three aspects.
These are known as :
Tiao Shen, Tiao Qi and Tiao Yi or, in others words, 
Controlling the Body
Controlling the Energy
Controlling the Mind

1:00-1:10 Relaxing, stationary and moving the 10 Points.
1:10-1:15 Discussion the three controls
1:15-1:30 Introduction to the Qigong Body:
Feet parallel or angled
Knees tracking
Hips stacked, 
Partner Patterns: A does a visual check on B, reverse roles
1:30-1:40 Zou yi zou, Take a little walk
1:40-1:45 The modes of action
1. Stationary
2. Spot motion
3. Marching (Walking)
1:45-1:55 Mixing stationary and mobile
The Middle Way, no jumps, no leaps

2:00-2:05 Warm up the arms
2:05-2:15 Qigong hand and wrist movement, the “Beautiful Lady's Hand”
2:15-2:25 Pulling practice East/West, North South
2:25-2:35 Partner Breathing “Door Gods” style with emphasis on proper wrist technique
(optional: controlled breaths)
2:35-2:50 Linking Arms to Legs, three ways
1. Polishing the Mirror
2. Raising the Tripod
3. Folding Wings
2:50-3:00 Walking the 3/7 stance


2:40-2:45: Talk among yourselves for five minutes. Then we will explain the significance of this. 
2:45-2:50  There is a relationship between talking and breathing. What is the relationship of Qi to Chinese medicine. 

3:00 3:20 Discussion:
Methods of Qigong

Famous Methods
Ba Duan Jin
I Jin Jing
Wild Goose
Wu Shi Ji

Relation of Taiji to Qigong: Venn diagram
Relation of Yin To Yang, same diagram
Graph of Relaxation
Tension to Exhaustion: Horizontal Axis
Form to Function: Vertical Axis
Silken Exercises
North South
East West
Cross X
with partners

3:35-3:55 Add stopping practice at each Silken Point

4:00 4:10 Avoidance’s in Qigong practice
Exertion of Strength
Exertion of Breath
Raising the Chest and shoulders

Don’t practice hungry, thirsty or sleepy. Don’t drink or eat.

  Negative Qi
Hidden Problems
4:10 4:25 Vase exercise directed
4:25 4:30 Partners watch each other practice the Vase
4:30 4:40 Two walking patterns
3/7 stance
bow and arrow stance
4:40 4:50 Silken and walking 
Stationary (Yin) to Full Movement (Yang)


Everyone had a great time! See the report on our companion site.