After decades of instructional experience, we at Moongate think we've developed a curriculum which allows the student the best experience in learning Qigong. We wanted a series of courses that were graduated and moved from simple to more complex painlessly. We wanted interesting and also historically important routines which would allow the student to always work on fresh material but within a historical context that would at the same time expand their knowlege, make them really know Qigong. Here are some of our first level courses. In LEVEL ONE we concentrate on the primary goal of Qigong: controlling the body. Many of these exercises are quite famous in the Qigong world but the actually teaching and practice of them are unique to Moongate.


The Tai Chi Qigong: This really simple series based on Four Major Moves is easy to learn and can take less than five minutes to perform. Though it is unrelated to the practice of Tai Chi Chuan it uses the same loose and slow method to teach basic Qigong with a specal emphasis on relaxed and unhurried movement. This is so popular with our students who find themselves responding to the soft, gentle movements so early in their trianing that we often jsuggest this as the starting exercise for all Qigong training.


The Eight Pieces of Brocade Part #1 (Ba Duan Jin) This is one of the most famous and simplest of all Qigong forms. After being around for a thousand years the Eight Pieces of Brocade has many variations. The one we picked is simple divided into eight routines with a beautiful series of movments in-between each section. Many of the sections are directed to specific benefits to one's health. The movements are fun and can always be modified to the individual. People enjoy practicing the Eight Pieces and therefore do that effortlessly. This set is found by most people to be easy to learn and safe to perform.


The "Big Five": Here are movements that might be termed the "warm ups" for further Qigong development. These wonderful stetching and opening exercises were developed to aid in Qigong training. This section of the currciulum is generally very short and people find themselves making rapid progress almost immediately. Definitely an aid for all Qigong practice.