Come to MoonGate and learn Qigong


We have a mission. We exist to teach you an ancient art which has survived more than 3000 years of human history. To accomplish our goal we've applied decades of teaching experience. We've distilled that into a progressive, powerful, understandable approach to an incredible art.

Our Three Level system allows you to start at a convenient, simple place and then—as you progress—you may decide to become a Qigong instructor. Our overlap method allows you to use the information you have already learned to step up the ladder to instructor of even Associate status. By the same token there is abosolutely no pressure, other than our enthusiasm for this practice, for you to do anything but customize what you learn with us to fit your needs and goals.

Unlike some Qigong programs our wide selection of Level One information allows you to start at almost any time and begin the adventure immedaitely. You need no prior training. On the other hand such disciplines as musical training, martial arts and other practices match the structure of Qigong beautifully.